Our Garden Roses

My sister is visiting with me for a week from Vancouver and we have been enjoying reminiscing about the good old days. I am sharing lots of pictures of the roses blooming in our garden now.We are off to visit with our Mom shortly so just a quick post today.
Graham Thomas
hardy shrub rose and late peonies

Linda Campbell- new last year in our garden but I am really enjoying it.

John Davis-easy care and a good bloomer

Graham Thomas with monkshood in background
Prairie Princess-a lovly hardy climber for our climate.

New Dawn-I love it!
Willam Baffin -a good climber in our zone 5b garden
A minature rose from the grocery store several winters ago that I love
Sally Holmes -a modern shrub .I love the apricot buds with the creamy flowers
John Cabot-another hardy rose for cold climates
Ballerina rose that looks like a hygrangea

The Generous Gardener-a David Austen rose.

Queen of Denmark

And last but not least the pretty little Fairy rose-such a prolific bloomer and so easy care-one of my favorites for sure.
I hope you enjoyed a quick tour of my roses.

Thank you for visiting and thank you to all who leave such sweet comments!
Have a good day,
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Our Garden Roses
Our Garden Roses
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