Balcony Bliss & Garden Views

Hi everyone,
We are still having beautiful hot summer weather here but we are anxiously watching hurricane Bill as the prediction is that he is headed our way. It is uncommon for us to be hit by hurricanes but in 2003 hurricane Juan(level one here) did take down a lot of trees on the Island giving a little sample of the power these hurricanes have. The prediction is that Bill could be a harder hit,however still to early to tell. Hopefully,it will veer of to sea before hitting Nova Scotia or anywhere else.
On a different note I thought I would share some photos of our balcony today. The photo above is taken from our bedroom doorway which leads to the balcony.

It is a good place to relax after a day working in the garden.
stretch out and read for a spell if you like.
or have a cup of tea.

I enjoy having some planters on the balcony so I can wake up to some beautiful color.
A good spot for breakfast in the morning.
or an evening cup of tea.

the garden view from the balcony
the view from the end of the balcony

this was shot through the screen door
pretty colors
a dahlia
a mandavilla vine
most days I have a smoothie for breakfast-today it is peach
with a homemade scone

Looks pretty good but tastes even better!
Hope you enjoy your day.

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Balcony Bliss & Garden Views
Balcony Bliss & Garden Views
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