Our Hillside Garden

Today, I am sharing some photos of our hillside garden. This garden is south of our screened veranda and leads to the woods with the brooke flowing through.It has four tiers -each tier surrounded by sandstone rock from our daughters old basement. There was a lot of work involved in making this garden about seven years ago.
Our hillside garden is the most neglected part of our garden for some reason it seems to be the last one we get to . I just realized I have not even been taking pictures of it. So,we did a little weeding and I got out my camera.
I have been planning a makeover for this bed as some of the plants are too tall for it. My new plan is easy care plants like sedum,coneflowers,asters,russian sage etc. so it would be lovely in the fall and spring(there are lots of daffodils and tulips).there are a lot of daylilies blooming now and I will leave most of them but remove the tallest onesto other parts of the garden.Early September is a good time to make these changes in our climate or spring but there are so many garden chores in spring that I like to do a many as I can in early fall.
Before I go, for any interested Islanders there is music in the garden at Fanningbank tonight at ^:00 until 7:30 and the garden is so beautiful now. I will take pictures to share soon.

The daylilies are the main show in our garden now-I do love them.

This shot is taken from the balcony.
There are sandstone stairs in the middle as well as around each tier.

Little Jessie(our granddaughter) came for a visit while I was out with my camera so of course I had to photograph her as well.

Jessie loves her stuffed animals especially'pink puppy'!
Have a good day,
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Our Hillside Garden
Our Hillside Garden
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