This and That!

These are a few shots that I took last week in the garden.
Jessie,our almost 4 year old granddaughter and I made fairy cakes for our little tea party below.

My sister enjoying waffles with strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast.
The garden is so full of color this time of the year. We have had a good amount of both sun and rain to keep the garden happy, a little to much humidity for the gardener some days .

While my sister was home we indulged in a few too many desserts!
My friends daughter got married so her Mom and I made some bouquets for the church.
Our oldest grandson Alec(in purple) playing soccer in a tournament on weekend.

There are hundreds of Annebelle blooms in the garden. The limelight and pee gee are not quite out yet.

There are busy little hummingbirds all over the garden but they move so quick they are gone before I can find them.This little one was having a rest when I saw him.Sorry for the blurry shot-I need to practice more on these.

This shot is from our balcony giving a bird's eye view of the garden coming up to the door.My arbor looks so naked as I had to prune an overgrown clematis to the ground.I miss it but it will be better next year because of a good overdue pruning.
My husband Andrew has been busy working on this project even in the heat. I think it will look great when he is done and it ages a little.
My sister Pauline lives in Vancouver and comes home every summer to see our sweet Mama. My Mom hates to get her picture taken so it is not a good picture of her but lovely of my sister.

This bouquet is for you my sweet friend. If you can come back tomorrow we will have tea in the cottage!

It is a glorious summer day here so I am off to enjoy it.

Take care,


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This and That!
This and That!
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