Lazy Hazy Days of Summer!

Here on the Island we are having a heat wave. The temperature has been close to 30 degrees with a humidex of 37. Now,for me that is too hot to work in the garden so why not head to the beach.
I packed a quick lunch and grabbed a book my daughter gave me and away we went.
pizza and lemonade
It is a south shore beach we went to, close to home so the tide comes in and out twice a day.
I bought this tent at a thrift shop in Cape Cod for a few dollars . I love having a little shade at the beach.
Peach cream crumble pie never tasted so good!
A beautiful sunset after a day at the beach.
Don't you just love a lazy summer day?

Don't go yet! I also want to show you some photos of clematis in our garden.
This is Rosemoor- I love the rich color.

Jackmani superba growing up a pillar in our Cheslea garden.

Another shot of Jackmani superba's
multi blue
Two clematis intertwined growing on east side of our house
this is a new clematis with a long Japanese name-I need to check my label.
Isn't it pretty on the cottage with a new hydrangea beside it.
I love how this clematis Jackmani greets you as you come through the arbor.
I also love when a clematis grows up to and around a pretty birdhouse
Ville de Lyon is also a beautiful clematis

Elsa Spath
Nelly Noser the clematis and me the gardener!

Duchess of Edinburgh
Another shot of Rose moor.

Now,I hope I haven't kept you too long but it's summer and there are so many pretty things to share. There is a nice breeze blowing now and it lovely out but it is supposed to be hotter then yesterday. What do you think-should we be lazy again and pack up for the beach.
I think I mentioned that most of our tours from Japan cancelled this year because of the swine flu . This has given me more free time but I do miss our visitors from Japan.

On Monday evening there are some garden club ladies coming for a tour so if anyone else from the Island reads this and would like to come along-the more the merrier!

I hope you too will enjoy a lovely summer day,

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Lazy Hazy Days of Summer!
Lazy Hazy Days of Summer!
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