Black and White Toile

Hello, I am glad you came for a visit today because I have the table all set for lunch in the terrace again. We have really enjoyed our meals in the terrace as it is a lovely shady spot where you can enjoy the sights and scents of the garden but still be shaded and get a little breeze. You will often see little hummingbirds,butterflies etc. flittering from flower to flower.

Today it is a black and white toile theme. As some of you probably know I love toiles of any color.

My sister in law gave me the beautiful cup and saucer above.

I have had this one for a long time and I think it came from an auction sale.

Can I pour you a cup of tea?

I got this lovely vase this summer at the Reid House antiques and it was only $10.

The plates came from Winner's.


as did this lovely teapot.

There is a grapevine on our terrace that the birds or racoons know the perfect time to harvest.

I found this in an antique shop in Maine.

A Jackmani clematis blooming on one side.

I hope you have time to sit for awhile and enjoy all the beauty that God has created!

Today I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch again for her wonderful Tablescape Thursday. Thank you Susan for hosting.

And thank you for visiting me!

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Black and White Toile
Black and White Toile
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