Garden Relaxation

Hello everyone,
I am happy to report that our little Island was not hit by a hurricane yesterday. We had a windy rainy day and that was it,thankfully. I was glad for the rain because the garden needed a good drink. Nova Scotia was hit harder as they had power outages etc. but not severely. Thank you to all who expressed prayers and concern for our little part of the island.
Today, I am sharing some favorite spots to sit and relax in our garden.

I see a couple of beach scenes in there that are close to home but the other shots are in our garden.

Today I am joining in on Mosaic Monday at Mary's lovely Little Red House. Thank you Mary for hosting this fun event. You can check out the other participants if you haven't already.
Now, I am going out to put all my little places to relax back together as we had prepared for Hurricane Bill just in case.
We are having a small group of local gardeners coming for a tour tonight. If anyone nearby would like to join feel free to come along.

Thank you for visiting me and enjoy your day!

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Garden Relaxation
Garden Relaxation
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