Garden Tea

We are having hot summer weather here and since we will soon be moving into fall we are enjoying being outdoors as much as possible. So why not stop for a cup of tea in the garden.

This little table and chair set was green but it got a coat of antique white a few days ago.
I found this lace tablecloth at a thrift shop(I hope you can't tell it is plastic) and I thought it would be perfect to cover a small umbrella with . I love the romantic look it gives for a garden tea.
Now it will work but I do need to find a smaller white or beige at a yardsale or thrift store.
This is just an experiment to see if I like it.
I had an old white lace tablecloth that I cut a hole in the middle of to fit the umbrella into.

I think I will try out a few other spots in the garden to see where to put it ,
but, for today let's sit here with a cup of tea.

There are so many plants blooming right now.
I will pick you a nice bouquet before you go.
Hope you enjoy your day!

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Garden Tea
Garden Tea
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