Tea and a Tour

I have lots to show you today so have a cup of tea before we get started.

Help yourself to a scone. I love a homemade scone with a cup of tea in the afternoon in various spots in the garden.

Scones taste even better with homemade peach preserves.

Now let's get started before it gets to hot. It is supposed to be 30 degrees celsuis today-hot for us here on the Island. It usually cools off at night though so it is not to hot to sleep.

a soft colored hollyhock

The daylilies are putting on such a great show in the garden all through August.

Love clematis and roses together.

beautiful daylilies

I do love my Annebelle hydrangea. Oh! and look a little nook to sit for a spell.

The new terrace that Andrew built is starting to blend in with the clematis starting to climb it.The one on the left is a sweet autumn clematis and it grows fast and tall. Also,has a sweet fragrance on it's small white flowers.

Love this double peachy daylily

I love how the beebalm attracts hummingbirds.

Candy custard daylily

Mary rose

These little hummingbirds are very busy in our garden but this is the first time I got a desent shot of one with my zoom lens on.

I like this color combo=bicolor monkshood and jackmani superbra clematis

Ballon flowers add some pretty blues to the garden in August

another combo I like-a soft lemon yellow daylily with a purple clematis

Loads of daylily blooms

double yellow-I bought a lot of my daylillies at yardsales and don't know their names-sorry.

I think this one is Catherine Woodbury-a soft pink

a dahliia blooming in the pot it overwintered in (in our basement)

Love this Heritage rose

more daylillies

Now you are probably tired of me dragging you around the garden so sit down for a bit and I will get you another cup of tea.

Hope you have a good day.

Thank you for letting me share my garden beauties.

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Tea and a Tour
Tea and a Tour
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